Appartment internet sharing issues

By binojd ·
Our apartment have 20 flats and having normal 24 port switch and 4 Mbps ADSL, 80 GB limited internet line. After 80 GB, the speed will downgrade to 512 Kbps. As some of peoples are using torrent downloads most of tenants are complaining about the speed. My requirement is, i want to fix bandwidth for each flat, 1 Mbps or 2 Mbps fixed. what is the best solution...??? any devices are available to control and distribute the internet speed bandwidth equally or as per administrator's policy..??

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You don't need a technical solution ...

by Sven2157 In reply to Appartment internet shari ...

You need a physical solution; Call the police and have the 'pirates' arrested for piracy! Then your bandwidth problems are over. If they are stealing from the internet, what are they stealing form you?

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Need more lines

by TheChas In reply to Appartment internet shari ...

4GB per flat per month is even more limited than 4G cell phone Internet.

A movie per unit per month, a few iTunes videos and 2 computers worth of Windows updates and that's it.

I myself can go through over 5GB in a weekend without any torrent or other file sharing traffic. Many a time I download 15GB of just Microsoft updates in a month.

You need more lines. At least 2 lines and perhaps 4 lines so that the total data monthly data can reach over 300 GB.

Also note, even if you evenly share the 4 MBPS speed across all 20 units, the average data speed if everyone was online at once would be only 200 KBPS. Having 4 lines would bring up the data speed to 1MBPS per unit.

Another thing you can accomplish with multiple lines is to group the high data users together so that when they hit the data cap, it would not impact the speed for the other units.


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