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By marlabvon ·
Good day everybody
I need some help with a append query please. I ran a query to concacenate the title, initial and surname fields in a table for printing purposes. now i want to run a uppend query to a new field named concac in that same table with the information comming from the query.
the append query ads the records as new records, i want it to ad the information to the existing record in the new field that i have created

Please help

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What DB?

by Shellbot In reply to append to existing field

Is this Access?

Thats what an append query does, it appends new records.
You want update query..

If this IS access
Umm, been a while, but you should be able to click into the concac field in design view and put your query there.. Kind of like when you have a derived "totals" type of field...
get what I mean?

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by Tony Hopkinson In reply to append to existing field

Update MyTable Set MyNewField = Title + ' ' + Initial + ' ' + Surname

or similar.

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by Shellbot In reply to Basically

Tony, as a matter of curiosity, can ya actually do what I suggested in Access?

Was certain ya could, but now thinking about it.....

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Not really up on access myself

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Hmmm

but I'm pretty sure you could do a calculated field, but that would only be there while the form was up, sort of like a poor man's view.

If it's a full on database, I doubt I'd add the column either, a view or a user defined function would be my pick.

Concatenating into a new field leaves you with what to do on a name change, along with the duplication, and we both know if we did a replace, some git would want surname back next week.

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by Shellbot In reply to Not really up on access m ...

my Access is so rusty that i can't do the simplest things in it anymore.

Ya, I'd be a view person myself.. but as for the OP, I assumed it was access, and didn't have time to write a huge answer.

Seeing as how all chances are we'll never hear from him again. Getting rather annoyed at no feedback ect..not looking for thumbs, but nice to know that they even bother to read what you've posted

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by marlabvon In reply to Ya

Good day tony & Shellbot
Sorry that i havent given any feedback
i am the graphic designer aswell and the past 2 days i had to work on some of my designing work. i am back now on the database, sothank you for the reply's they are realy helpfull

Marius Labuschagne

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Thanks M

by Shellbot In reply to thanks

Its nice to just even know that people come back and read the comments.

Did you get anywhere with this?

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