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Apple and startrek

By Slayer_ ·
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Got this in my email today, check it out.

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brilliant - but Star Trek Next Generation precedes Apple phone - nt

by Deadly Ernest In reply to Apple and startrek
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So do touch screens

by Slayer_ In reply to brilliant - but Star Trek ...

And rectangles with rounded edges, didn't stop Apple.

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but the Star Trek franchise hasn't sued them over that yet, so we can

by Deadly Ernest In reply to So do touch screens

hope that they do.

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The Star Trek Franchise however

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to but the Star Trek franchi ...

Didn't Patent Touch Screens, Squares with rounded corners or anything else like that so Apple was free to do so.

Next they will be Patenting Mobile Devices in the shape of animals to cover their new iPhone the Weasel. :^0


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The real reason Apple was granted the win...

by AnsuGisalas In reply to The Star Trek Franchise h ...

they agreed to keep blocking the Drones tracking app which alerts the user whenever US attack drones kill someone.
Fair's fair, after all.

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for a moment there I thought you were talking about the elected drones and

by Deadly Ernest In reply to The real reason Apple was ...

not the Unmanned Air Vehicles.

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but they did represent prior art and thus should either have a copyright

by Deadly Ernest In reply to The Star Trek Franchise h ...

on the concept and that alone should, and would anywhere else, negate the validity of the Apple patent unless they pay the Star Trek franchise a royalty to use it.

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