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Apple anyone?...

By azul ·
I was given an blue and white apple G3. I had to add a hdd, memory, and video card. Someone else gave me a copy of OS X (10.3.

I have exteremely limited experience with apple pc's.

I got it to boot but when I try to install OS X, there is no destination drive listed. I go back and format the the disk into two partitions and then try to install OS X but I get an error "You can not istall OS X on this volume. You can not start up your computer on this volume."

Does anyone have any insight on this issue?
Has anyone ever installed Linux on a MAC?

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Installing Mac OS X

by rogerd.parish In reply to Apple anyone?...

If the hdd doesn't show up in the installer, check that the hdd is
jumpered as master. I had a G4 AGP that had the single IDE drive
jumpered as slave. It booted OS 9 okay, but the installer
wouldn't accept it. I found the cure in Apple's KnowledgeBase.

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I am not sure...

by azul In reply to Apple anyone?...

I am not sure if it is normally a required step but I was tinkering around last night and used Disk Manager or somthing to "verify" the disk and after that I was able to install OS X.

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Verify ... ?

by oz_ollie In reply to I am not sure...

Did you have to make or erase a partition before you verified? This partitioning would then enable a target for the installation. After that it is very easy to install, configure and use Mac OS X 'Panther'. After getting your head around 'Panther 10.3' seriously consider buying 'Tiger - 10.4' as there have been numerous improvements.

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Check the Install Media

by miker7301 In reply to Verify ... ?

You'll probably find the CD's are printed stating for use with
a G5, G4 or iMac, or similar. You get this message when
trying to use non-generic install disks on the wrong type of
machine. FYI, The G3 should be able to handle 10.3, but you
may be best to check the minimum spec before buying the
correct media.

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