Apple e-mail, making folders in for sorting, on MAC OS 5.3

By jfinkel1 ·
Customer 09/05/2008 01:43 AM

how do i set up files under my MAC email so that i don't have to scroll up / down my entire received email list (>5000 entries, as of today) every time i need to retrieve an old email and the info it contains? why can't i just make files like i did with windows? sorting incoming info into files would make life a lot easier for me.

also, how do i get apple to stop sending me update emails every single morning to update programs i've removed from my system a long time ago? E.g., i removed itunes, imovies, ichat, itv, iphoto. i don't use them, but every time an update comes in for one of them, my computer freezes until i go through a rigamarole to cancel out the update, then i am permitted to resume what i was doing. apple hs not responded to my request for this info.

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Sorting messages in

by lyon_bleu In reply to Apple e-mail, making fold ...

I'm assuming that you are using the Mail application that comes with Mac OS X.

The way to get this done is sort the messages into folders within the takes responsibility for this so you don't have to mess around in the file system. Apple changed to the standard mbox format because it makes it easier to create a database of metadata from files of individual messages and quickly search them with Spotlight. If anything is not clear, I'll be happy to elaborate.

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aaking how make files in email for macs or for use with firefox on mac.

by jfinkel1 In reply to Sorting messages in Mail. ...

please do go into as much detail as needed. i know very
little about MAC, but had many yrs on PCs, usually wirth
total frustration vis-a-vis microshaft and its policies.
anything you tell me would be greatly appreciated and
worth a bottle of ZRII from me, for you, in gratitude.

just new macs wife and self last may.

transferredmail files from pcs plus mail recvd since now
total > 8500 records. searchung for specific info is very
long task.

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to deactive automatic updating

by lyon_bleu In reply to Apple e-mail, making fold ...

Here's how to get Apple's SoftwareUpdate [SU] to ignore an app:

1) launch SU, either by selecting it in the "Apple" Menu [the left most icon in the Menu Bar], or by launching "System Preferences Panel" and selecting the SU pane.

2) Let it search for updates.

3) When it is done searching, select all the updates that it recommends, then deactivate them by either choosing "Ignore Updates" in the "Update" Menu, or by pressing the delete key.

If you want to selectively reactivate one of them, you will need to use "Plist Editor" to remove the appropriate item(s) in the following file:

[be careful if you copy/paste this since extra spaces can creep in]

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