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Apple & Fortnite Spat

By gerrardburras ·
I've been following the Apple / Fortnite spat with some interest. Apple are trying to frame this as a simple contract dispute, but most people recognise that this goes far deeper.

To me it's about the right Apple have to enforce App availability via the Apple App Store only. Developers have no choice, and that sounds anti-competitive to me.

It's like Ford saying, you're only allowed to buy things for your car from us. That's it. No alternative.

In the real world, people buy Ford's and then can choose where to buy accessories / spare parts.

In the Apple world, people buy iPhone's but are only allowed to get Apps from Apple's App Store (from which they take a 30% cut from the developer). This model is ridiculous in the modern world. Users should be able to choose where they get their Apps, e.g. directly from Fortnite.

What do other people think?
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