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By Magieme ·
Have an os x 9 something and had a black out then came on then off again for 5 1/2 hours. It was not on a power surge board and the main auto switch on main house bord did not switch off. It now wont switch on. I forgot to turn off the power at the wall.... bad not to think. Does anyone know if there is a way to reset computer so it will come on Power is available but wont switch on. It is a white apple with the round computer bottom. I thankyou in advance for any help I can get as this is a loaner computer and so need to have it fixed asap, Magieme

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This is not a reset issue

by OH Smeg In reply to Apple iMac

While the Power was coming and going there would have been spikes and Low Voltage Situations which has damaged the Electronics. You need to replace the damaged parts here to get this to work again.

On a side note all Electronics are Delicate devices and you need to treat them accordingly. So unplug then when not in use as turning them off just isn't sufficient even at the wall. There is a very small Air Gap inside the Mains Switch on the Wall of maybe 2 MM and if you get a substantial enough Power Spike this can jump that space and go onto the connected Device. Also if the Switch is not wired correctly it may not be switching the Active Line as it is only a Single Pole Switch which means that it only switches on one of the 2 Wires. So if it is switching on the Neutral Link the device is always under power so it is far more susceptible to damage from Over & under Voltage Events.


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Resetting NVRAM, PRAM, or PMU

by Kingbackwards In reply to Apple iMac

Without knowing exactly which mac model you have I cant tell you what component you will need to reset, saying OS X 9...doesn't help because there is OS 9 and OS X for mac...

Some models have a reset button on the Motherboard others can be done from the keyboard. Without knowing the model I cant tell you which would be easier/more effective.
To get you started here's the KB article to reset those settings...

If attempting to reset those does not fix your problem. You've probably fried something.

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