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I have inherited a mixture of iPads, the majority of which are managed with Profile Manager on a Mac Mini in our school.

I am in the process of trying to get the non managed 15 iPads onto Profile Manager but am having a lot of difficulties and have a couple of questions. Our offsite IT contractor started but is only in school once a month and therefore I have taken it on.

I have managed to link a couple to PM and have deployed a couple of apps using PM successfully. Yippee

However I am having some real difficulties with some of the others.

First problem (there will be more) I have one particular iPad that allows me to install the Trust Profile but always fails when I try to install the Enrollment Profile. Message says:
Profile Installation Failed:

The server certificate for "https://macserver.(our schools domain name/devicemanagement/api/device/auto_join_ota_service" is invalid?

Any ideas?

Separate Question:
After Wiping the iPads, when setting them up I have skipped the Apple ID and was planning on letting the teachers put in thier own but restricting it to using a school email address for the reason that we can reset the password. The problem is will this cause me an issue if I ever need to re-deploy the iPad after the teacher has left?

Instead should I however create a unique apple ID using a separate school email account that I have?

The process I am following is:

1. Click on the users name if applicable and click sign out.
2. Click sign out of iCloud and Store, enter password, this switches of Find My iPad if switched on.
3. Navigate to the Mac Mini server using the iPads Safari Browser.
3. Login
4. In Profile Manager select the button at the top right hand side of the screen.
5. From the drop down menu select "Go to my devices".
6. Click on Profiles and Install both the Trust Profile and the Enrollment Profile.
7. Click on the Devices Tab and select Enroll - after a short delay, the iPad should now appear in profile Manager
8. In Profile Manager select Devices and select the iPad that you have just enrolled.
9. Add the apps that you wish to deploy.
10. Have a cuppa :)

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