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Apple Mac Pro Tower -- can't remove CD in optical drive

By qaw2plo0 ·
Tags: Apple
When trying to see if VMware's Hypervisor would work with my Mac Pro, I installed the CD and rebooted.
Alas, when booting from the VMware Hypervisor CD, it does not install.
Unfortunately, I can't get the CD to eject.
How do I change the boot order so that my Mac Pro will not try to install/run from the optical drive? How do I get the CD out of the optical drive?
(With Wintel systems / most optical drives I could use a paper clip and manully open the optical drive tray. I don't see such a option with the Apple Mac Pro optical drive.)


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At a Restart

by hughiemcginley In reply to Apple Mac Pro Tower -- ca ...

If keyboard and software controls don't succeed in ejecting your recalcitrant disc, you can start or restart your computer to take advantage of a power shortcut designed to accomplish the task. After you press the computer's power button or choose "Restart" from the Apple menu and immediately after you hear the startup chime, press and hold the main -- or only -- button on your mouse. Your Mac should eject the disc before it finishes starting up.

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