Apple Mac versus Windows???

By Timwateru ·
Hello team,

Can someone exactly tell me the world of PC? I mean my head is a bit confused..

I am still searching online on exactly-the-world of Apple Mac Pro versus Windows, finding out whether I really need to consider of buying Apple Mac?

Anyways, I want to ask the TR team if ifs really worth of me buying the Apple Mac Pro?

I look after the IT needs in my office of about 12 staff. And everybody uses Windows? Our SG is planning to buy Apple Mac Pro 15 inch. However I am a bit reluctant because it will be much difficult for me if she had breaks down (for instance) on her Apple Mac notebook and I am not familiar with Apple Mac or have never used it before.

I had a discussion with my friend who had a Mac Pro notebook and he suggested to me that I'll better off buying the Windows (since all the staff are all on Windows)...and beside it will make it difficult for me to really monitor it if it does have breaks down...

He did mention it to me that on top of buying the notebook itself - you'll have to consider of buying somewhat is called parallel???? to make it compatible to windows programmes (ie..Microsoft Outlook, etc)...

What about all my Windows programmes - will it work on Apple Mac Pro?

I mean Apple Mac Pro is really cool and it will suitable if you work on Graphics Design, Web-Applications, etc. But our SG will only need the PC for email and writing ONLY...

We'll probably install Windows on it by the time it arrives. I mean whats the point why not have 1?

Can someone write me the steps or make some comments and suggestions of Apple Mac Pro versus Windows so I can propose to our SG. I mean I look at my site too (networking, etc) - I'll probably have to train myself if it's really worth of getting it...but I prefer to go with Windows except that our SG is wanting to buy Apple Mac Pro 15 inch

Help and thanks,

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Well for starters

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Apple Mac versus Windows? ...

Apple uses the BSD OS which they modified heavily and have called it OSX. It is not Windows and will not run any Windows Programs.

You can Use a Product Called Boot Camp if you plan on Dual Booting to OSX & Windows or you can with a lot of messing around wipe OSX and install Windows though the latter in my humble opinion is Insanity.

Why would any sane person buy a Mac and then wipe OSX and install Windows only? It's cheaper to buy a High End NB with Windows already installed and it will be as reliable.

On the up side for OSX it comes with the software that most people need preinstalled with no extras needed for most work So for your described use But our SG will only need the PC for email and writing ONLY... there would be no additional software required but you will not be able to install any Windows applications as they will not run on OSX.

If you plan on adding OSX to a existing Windows Network it's doable but it's not anywhere near as easy as adding another Windows Workstation and you'll need to install some extra software on whatever you are using as a server if you want/need to share documents with the Windows Workstations. Most think that for a Single Low Priority User it's simply not worth the time & effort not to mention the added complication.

However if she just needs a Internet connection and no File/Printer Sharing it's just a matter of plugging it and and going. No Issue.

Personally here I think you have hit the Want/Need Divide she wants a Mac but needs a Windows Platform to do her work so as an easy option you could download Free BSD install it to a workstation and let her play with it or you could suggest to the Owner that she's welcome to use whatever she likes but if she wants to bring in Nonstandard Equipment she should pay the costs of the Modifications and continued upkeep to run a Mixed Environment.

Then depending on what if any Licensing Issues you have with M$ you may find that you are in Breach of whatever Licensing Agreement your company has with them and need to fork over several hundred $ per Workstation & Server and then any software that you may have on Volume License not to breach a M$ Only Environment.

Perhaps for the last bit about any Licensing Agreements that you company has with M$ this should be sent to your legal Department for their advice.

Edited to add You can download Free BSD from here and while it's not exactly OSX it's close enough for a simple demonstration.

http://www.freebsd .org/where.html

Remove the space for the working link.


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