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Apple Peel 2nd Generation

By meryoyo ·
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Read about the Apple Peel which came out last year ??? it???s a device that transform your iPod into an iPhone. I REALLY want one, but can???t seem to find any place that ships to here. And also, is it illegal to get one?

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Not illegal, but you need to jailbreak your iPod

by robo_dev In reply to Apple Peel 2nd Generation

which voids warranty and puts you on Apple's 'naughty list' ( actually just voids warranty).

Not sure what mobile carriers will work with this device...I think it's a standard GSM device, so a AT&T or Sprint Sim should work fine with it.

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You mean, the question is legit?

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Not illegal, but you need ...

I thought it was going to be the first half of a 'Call and Response' spam pair.

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Well, if it's spam, I've been fooled.

by robo_dev In reply to Apple Peel 2nd Generation

The apple peel is an interesting product that's been on Gizmodo.

It's a sleeve with a cell-phone-radio built in, so you can make an iPod touch become essentially an iphone 3GS. (Not sure if you could add it to a 3GS to make it a dual-carrier cell phone)

Neither Apple nor AT&T or Verizon are terribly excited about such a product, since it may deprive them of a few dollars of their precious revenue.

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To me

by NexS In reply to Apple Peel 2nd Generation

It looks like a far more expensive option to a mobile carrier.
Depends on how attached you are to your iPod touch, I suppose...

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I wonder if they make an iPad model

by CharlieSpencer In reply to To me

to add calling capability to the tablet. I'm sure you're correct about the carrier rates being ridiculous. I'm guessing it's locked into a single carrier.

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