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By Eminent87 ·

I have a very important file that was created from an apple mac software. It's some of of presentation but I'm unable to open it with powerpoint for mac. Can someone show me how to find out what application was used to create this file?

I was able to open the file up on a pc and then use notepad to open it up. It appears that the file was created in 1996. The file is titled "Presentation." I'm able to see the written content but unable to see the images because they are showing up as symbols. Can someone please help me on this because it's really important for my boss to see the images on this file? Thanks!

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What is the file extension?

by DanLM In reply to Apple software

Every time I find something that I have no bloody idea what it is. I look at the file extension, then I Google it.

But, the first thing would be to know the file extension. Then google it. That usualy gives me a list of possible file application owners. From there I figure out what I will use.

That is, if there is one. Hopefully.


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no extension

by Eminent87 In reply to What is the file extensio ...

there is no extension on the file. the file is says "presentation" without an extension.

I tried opening in text editor in apple but could not find any indication of the software that was used for creating it.

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File size?

by PSer In reply to no extension

What is the size of the file? I ask because the "images" may not actually reside in the "presentation" file.

What OS v. are you running on your mac? Can you "get info" on the file that might help you find out what program was used to create it?

You can always try "open with" and just go down the list of apps. you are running.

Just some thoughts ...

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Possibly Aldus Persuasion

by pgoodwin1 In reply to no extension

This was one of of the programs available back then. I have
no idea how you'd open it if it was that application. Maybe
Adobe's website would have some tips. It could be that the
only way to open it is find an old copy of the app and open it
on an old Mac running OS9, or 8

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