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Apple vs Adobe

By Brenton Keegan ·
There has been a number of threads about Apple, Adobe the iPad and the flash controversy. All these threads have inspired me to do a little digging.

HTML5 is the stated 'flash killer'. The particular functionality in HTML5 that supposedly makes flash obsolete is called Canvas. Canvas is developed and patented by Apple. HTML5 is being standardized by a group called WHATWG which holds a neutral standpoint towards patents. WHATWG was co-founded by Apple.

So the whole Flash controversy both on the iPad and for iPhone development starts to make sense. It's typical anti-competitive behavior by Apple. Given Apple and Adobe's long history this seems to be very much a backstab, but I suppose that's business sometimes.

To me, items like the iPad seem like devices just thrown out there to demote the use of Flash.

So what do you guys think? How do you feel about Apple (or any company for that matter) holding a patent on a major piece of web standard?

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by The 'G-Man.' In reply to Apple vs Adobe

don't have any of their devices so this is has no direct affect on me.

Will have 'full' flash support on my HTC soon and I'm sure if HTML 5 & Canvas wins the day that will be available as well.

Apple are going right down the MS route of the 1990's and are heading for a big, big fall.

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by Brenton Keegan In reply to Apple

I don't own any Apple devices either but I don't like the idea of Apple holding a patent on a major piece of html5.

Microsoft did try this kind of monopoly before and they got busted for it. Apple has been able to get away with this kind of crap because they've been the underdogs but they've been less of a underdog lately. I anticipate a lot of this kind of stuff coming to light.

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