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Apple’s Expectations from iWatch and You

By Ayesha Batool ·
Apple makes a big step forward with the release of its watchkit this week, which is a guideline for the developers of watch app. These guidelines will help the developers to develop the unique applications for the users, who will use the apple watch. Hidden within the documents are the plenty of glimpse at hoe apple envisions smart watches fitting in with out lives. With Watchkit come Apple’s Watch human interface guidelines, which layout the company’s recommendations for nearly every detail of app design from the color to logos to gestures. Here are some of the important points which have been making the Apple watch as an important.
Seconds not minutes to take watch interactions:
The guidelines of the watch kit contain loads of general info about how apple hopes consumers will live with the watch. Perhaps the smartest takeaway is the company’s insistence hat users should not be glued to their wrists. This watchkit complements the watch and IOS apps. If you measure the interactions with IOS apps in minutes, then you can measure and expect interactions with your watch in seconds, which is a very good thing at all. It’s always good to find that developers are getting the guidance as to what they can noticeably expect from their users and through these guidelines, the message is simple and less is more.

2) If not exactly Suggested, then Reading is possible at all:-
The digital crown is the most important and interest aspects of the slew of new UI elements encased in the Apple watch. Along with the announcement of the device, the repurposed crown was also presented as a way to zoom in and out of the home screen, and scroll through pages, in this way, this is was a good deal of time for the developers to find the best solutions of the Apple. And, we are now of more use and finding out that this device becoming useful at all. Accelerating Scrolling is designed for the finely tuned scrolling without obstructing the Apple Watch display, the digital Crowns makes it easy to scroll through the pages. We can say in other words that, crown solves the big problem with smart watches and this is the solution about how to scroll through long pages without you’re your finger getting in the way.
The preliminary WatchKit documentation indicates that more features will be available "later next year." So maybe iOS 9 will have deeper Apple Watch -> iPhone integration.Or maybe Apple Watch will be able to do more without iPhone. We'll see.

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