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Appletalk printer gone

By stevefreeman ·
One mac (OS 9.2) lost the ability to print to a HP DJ 4550 printer even though the HP utility shows the printer is ready and appletalk is enabled and active. The printer is also set with a static IP address and is currently printing via LPR. All other Mac's (with appletalk) and PC's (IP) are able to print to the printer so what could have happened to the printer? Currently it shows the printer twice with the same name and I've tried trashing all PDF's to get rid of any instance of the printer. Also, there is no printer icon on the desktop even though Desktop printer utility seems to work alright. Of course this is now not a big issue but does anyone have any ideas as to what may have happened and how I might be able to setup the printer again using appletalk?

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by Techservicesinc In reply to Appletalk printer gone

Hello the first thing to do is take a quick look at any print jobs currently backed up and purdge this (If applicable) then out of process of elimination we go to the physical connection check this then remove the printer completely and all extensions in the folders for this .(The worst thing with a mac and a printer is getting stuck in a loop and this can and will happen.(The pdf files will not get the extensions out they are just document files .)I have even seen the icons change before to another type but have the same name underneath it (The culprit was usually an Antivirus package or Quark express)causing this .
Just remove all of it then reinstall (Keeping that static IP in mind on the way back into the installation.(If you have the Deskjet software on cd this will assure that you get it fully back in but check for a revision on the Hp site too :) .

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by Bleyd In reply to Appletalk printer gone

Check the Date and Time on your Mac. Macs are notorious for not working in any way on the network once the time has gone awry and, yes, Macs lose their Date and Time a lot from my experience. If you're having trouble with a particular Mac and you're stumped always check the Date and Time first. Also I have noticed that the first installation of any printer on a Mac will fail at some undetermined time in the future for no better reason than its time was up. The way around this is to create a second printer with an identical setup immediately after you've created the first one and then trash the first instance of the printer installation from the desktop and then empty the trash can. Also make sure that Appletalk is not turned off on the Mac as that can make a huge difference in printing to the printer even though you're connecting to the printer through an IP address.

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