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AppleTalk with Netware

By raharr ·
I remember something about AppleTalk jabbering on the network and taking up band width. This was many years ago. I am wanting to connect several MAC's to our network. Is there any known problems with AppleTalk now?


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by Why Me Worry? In reply to AppleTalk with Netware

oh man...been there..done that and it aint pretty!

I recall working for a public sector gov't agency in which they had an entire graphics department with some real hard *** Mac users who simply refused to have a PC on their desk

We were forced to buy a Mac version Novell client from a 3rd party vendor called ProSoft in order to get Macs to communicate to the Netware servers with NCP packets over IP

Appletalk should be avoided like the plague because it I have seen it cause broadcast storms on the network and is just a crappy protocol to begin with

If you can stay with pure TCP/IP, then that is the way to go.

Netware 6.x now has a feature which allows itself to emulate a Windows or Unix server by running either the CIFS or NFS protocol, so Windows or Linux/Unix clients do not need to have the Novell client installed to communicate with the server. Macs on the other hand are in their own world and would probably need their own Novell client. Check out to see if they have a Novell client for the Mac. I know they got one for Linux.

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by raharr In reply to

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by raharr In reply to AppleTalk with Netware

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by raharr In reply to AppleTalk with Netware

Many thanks. Just make sure I was still head in the right direction. Thanks Again.

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by raharr In reply to AppleTalk with Netware

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