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By inkasharrow ·
Ref:- EUR/VBA/160405

Position - Application Developer X 5 Permanent

For our Client, London based Financial Institution, we are looking for 5 VBA Excel Application Developers .The successful candidates will be supporting the trading desks in their day-to-day activities, as well as assisting in the development of a suite of software products.

The goals are
? to develop applications that are reliable and functional;
? to keep pace with the trading desk as it expands.

Activities include tactical support and development (new products such as conversion of Excel sheets into applications, new risk reports, risk management for new products etc.) as well as longer-term deliverables designed to create a standardized and well-controlled environment.

Candidate profile/experience

Candidates should have either (though preferably both) of the following two core competencies:

? Technology / software engineering;
? Fixed income / fixed income derivatives product knowledge

Currently the delivery platform is Excel/VBA/Fincad/Bloomberg, and candidates are expected to be very familiar with this and associated Microsoft technologies, except possibly for the Fincad/Bloomberg part of the platform.

Technology: C/C++, Java, ms Sql and Excel/VBA knowledge desirable; at the minimum candidates should have 2-3 years experience with one mainstream programming or scripting language, which will be examined. They should have experience of working with (and preferably developing) large complex software systems; experience of distributed computing and working with high-end databases (besides sql) is also desirable.
Candidates are expected to have a disciplined and structured approach to software delivery.

Fixed income product knowledge: Ideally, candidates will have strong product knowledge, gained via experience in a financial institution. Candidates should be familiar with yield curve building, bonds, swaps and option pricing theory. Practical knowledge of risk management - acquired in a front office or support position - would be a good complement to the theory.

Candidate academic background

We are looking for either a BSc / MSc / PhD degree in Computer Science or a degree in Math/Science/Engineering backed by extensive experience in coding.

In particular, we are not looking for a person with Finance/Economics background who has been creating Excel/VBA applications for a trading desk!

I am at w w w . etelinfotech . com
Write to me - Timothy at

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Job posting

by Info-Safety, LLC In reply to APPLICATION DEVELOPERS RE ...

If you don't have any luck her, try, which specializes in tech jobs.

Craig Herberg

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Job Posting on TR.

by deepsand In reply to Job posting

Perhaps we should consider asking TR to formally provide a forum where both those seeking positions and those offering such can post.

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Good Idea

by BFilmFan In reply to Job Posting on TR.

Hey TR powers of the air, deep's got a good idea!

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With what chance of success?

by deepsand In reply to Good Idea

Over the course of numerous discussions I've seen several excellent suggestions which have yet to show any evidence of their existence outside of their being posted.

I've no reason to expect that this one will be implemented during my present incarnation. And, in a future one, I'll probably not care!

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We love suggestions

by Jay Garmon Contributor In reply to With what chance of succe ...

Don't think we aren't taking them to heart. There's a great deal going on behind the curtain. If we aren't acting quickly enough, please let us know. If you guys aren't happy, we haven't done our jobs.

On the career note, I suggest posting in the Career Forum (and/or anywhere else you think the audience is appropriate, such as this software job in the Software Forum), and tagging it "job posting." I can arrange to promote the tag-generated list in an upcoming Community NetNote newsletter, and maybe a few other places.

In general, we're going to shy away from building new forums and encourgae tags, so that we can get a much more finely tuned (and user-sensitive) organizational structure.

So, inkasharrow, I suggest you add a "job posting" tag to this thread (rather than simply "job") by editing the first post, so we can start aggregating these opportunities and getting them seen.


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With all due respect. it seems that ...

by deepsand In reply to We love suggestions

fixing that which is either broken or functions but poorly has taken a back seat to the addition of new features and/or general changes in the presentation.

As many discussions have noted, there is need for addressing the former.

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Jay, thanks for suggestion

by inkasharrow In reply to We love suggestions

Thank you Jay, your suggestion looks most helpful. Will attempt to follow your suggestion.


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by inkasharrow In reply to With what chance of succe ...

Deepsand, sorry to see you are doubting our sincerity. I placed the jobs here as a way of bypassing Agencies and can assure you and all our readers that they existed when posted. There are more on a regular basis. So request you make direct contact next time to verify.


Tim at Eurosoft Technologies (Europe) Ltd

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