Application Development guidelines for Automated testing

By satish.bhagwat ·

We are developing a web-based application(product) thats likely to be released in 3 to 6 months. We are planning to test it using some automated testing tool for functional testing.

I wish to know, if there are any specific coding care needs to be taken care while developing the application that we wish to test using Automated testing tools.

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The biggest help

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Application Development g ...

is standardised UI's.

I've dome more in rich GUIs, things like three different third party grid components will hurt you.

For developing the testing scripts you'll want to reuse lumps of it, subtle differences will make this much harder.

Also I'd look at unit testing, with known input, you should be able to request a web page and then compare it to a test template.

Automation testers are very valuable , but they are expensive, and the scripts to run them very fragile, so maintenance intensive as you enhance the functionality.

Try to get rid of as much basic stuff as you can before you go near them.

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Grid components

by onbliss In reply to The biggest help

I always thought Microsoft provided weak grid components straight out of the box. In the pre-.Net days, had to rely on third-party components to get what we wanted.

Couple of years back, we were developing a windows forms application, and we wanted to have an image column. It was easy in the world, but unfortunately not that easy in Forms world. We did some build or buy analysis and decided to just inherit and create a new class that would suit our needs.

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I'd rather do my own as well

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Grid components

It's easy in Delphi. I've always seen 3rd party component suites as a net loss. All the time you save not developing the functionality you lose bug fixing and trying to shoe horn the damn things in, not to mention how bloated they are.

One of my favourites was a calendar component, "a must have" in a suite, ?300 a pop with the source. The latter was lucky when we started selecting year from the built in drop down menu, and it came back with an exception

"199&9" is not an integer.

VBChart and mshflexgrid, bleeding horrible things, designed and coded by muppets they were.

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Use alt and id

by anaris In reply to Application Development g ...

To use efficiently automated functionnal testing for more than simple capture/replay use alt and id attribut for HTML tags singnificant for the test:
-element used for controle point (text, picture, ... used to identify a result or a state)
-element used for data entry (textfield, button, list...)

Using id and alt as reference lessen the impact of layout changes on the automated test execution.

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What to do to better test a web application.

by ftorres In reply to Application Development g ...

1-The main rule is to make sure that during the development process every important HTML tag have a unique attribute id or name in the page.

2-Automation testers should be able to ask a developer to add a unique id or an hidden field containing specific information to help the testing. For example every time a page return a grid the following html tag should be generated :
<INPUT Name="grid.count" type="hidden" value="4">
This tag can be easily read by the testing program.

3-An automation tool that use a real:
- programming language
- Environment
- Debugger
- Support any source control

For example, is an automation tool designed to implement client-side functional testing of web applications under Internet Explorer 6.x or 7.x, using the C#
or VB.NET language with Visual Studio 2003, 2005 or express editions.

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Use gFAST Framework

by sridhar In reply to Application Development g ...

The Most sophisticated frameworks in Automation Testing is Designed with highly experienced Automation Consultants of Heyday Software Solution for all the areas. This makes us to make the impossible things to make possible very fast with our proprietary framework "gFAST".

About gFAST: generic Framework for Automated Software Testing

Developed on Quick Test Professional supporting all Platforms(addin's) with KeyWord Driven Framework.

Key Features

* Better ROI
* Internationalization Support
* Supports Multiple Projects/TestSuites/TestCases
* 24/7 Automatic Regression Tests Running Facility
* Generates Email Reports
* Generates Test Logs
* Simple way to Create Test Cases(without any new QTP Scripts development)
* Easy to Create Test Cases with Test Cases Generator
* Easy way to Create Tests With Excel/Text files facility)
* Easy to Maintain.(Whole Framework will Have 3 QTP script Files -Driver and Two
Controllers and Libraries.)
* Screen Capturing on Error for Each of the Test Cases
* Global Configuration Files
* Multiple Browser windows support
* Easy to build automation for the Projects

Please feel free to contact for the Demo/POC.
(We also provide winrunner/Silk/Robo/RFT/Selenium Frameworks too and also we maintain your Automation Scripts also)

HeyDay Software Solutions

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Application Development guidelines for Automated testing

by JK_IRL In reply to Application Development g ...

I used to automate test development for Web apps. Look at Watij or Selenium.

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