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Application Development Vs Application Test -Environment

By yomioyeleke ·
My organization has a development environment and we now need a test environment to test the developed applications. can these two environments share the same hardware/infrastructure? that is should they be the same environment? Any suggestions would help.

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Dev vs Test environments

by QAonCall In reply to Application Development V ...

The central focus of the discussion will ultimately come down to a PM/owners perspective, or the testers/users perspective.

As a certified tester I would almost always require a separate environment, usually including separate hardware.

If for any reason this cannot be reasonably achieved (cost/schedule/availability etc) then I would require a very robust configuration management plan that would specify access, availability change control process etc.

Ultimately, without 1 of those 2 things, you will end up with rework, unnecessary extra maintenance etc, due to shared environments.

If the software/system is being prepped for production, I would certainly expect some level of 'control' from a testing perspective, but that could vary based on what the system/software is.

A radio controlled car is not nearly as significant as say a flight control system.

If you are a tester, and your gut is telling you something is wrong, follow your gut!

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Share yes, limit to, maybe not

by Saurondor In reply to Application Development V ...

I share my development environment with the testing environment. That allows for tests to be done early on and quickly. I would recommend you build tests into your project so they can be run periodically and in an automated way before deployment to the "testing" environment.

That way if and when you do get to an isolated test environment, you test deployment issues and performance issues. Not if the application works as designed.

Certain projects can't be tested on separate test environments. Or better said. Tests in separate tests environments don't mean much. Such is the case of frameworks and libraries that will be used on other projects that will in turn run on unknown hardware.

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