Application Hang when Domain is not present

By ghaeedansiyamack ·

I have 25 laptops part of my domain. Here is an issue that laptops are experiencing:

As long as they are connected to the network in the office, everything (anything in START menu) works marvelous and without any issues.

When the laptop is off site and as long as they are not connected to any LAN or WiFi network, everything (anything in START menu) works without any problem.

However, as soon as a laptop is off site and connected to WiFi or LAN, and if START menu is launched or any Office applications on the desktop are launched everything freezes. It takes about a minute or two for things to start working again.

I have looked in Event Viewer >> Application and the following three errors are present:

>> Event ID 1000, Could not execute the following script \\Domain-Name\sysvol\Domain-Name\scripts\hidedocs.vbs. The network location cannot be reached.

>> Event ID 1000, Could not execute the following script \\Domain-Name\sysvol\Domain-Name\scripts\logon.vbs. The network location cannot be reached.

>> Event ID 1054, Windows cannot obtain the domain controller name for your computer network. (The specific domain either does not exist or could not be contacted) Group Policy processing aborted.

It is clear that the machine is trying to contact the domain and execute scripts. I have looked up these Event IDs on Microsoft?s website and none of the solutions they have provided has helped so far.

Is there anyway (possibly in GPO settings) that a setting can be activated or deactivated to make the laptop realize that it is off site, so the applications don?t hang when connected to a network other than domain in the office?

Any help would be appreciated.

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not really

by CG IT In reply to Application Hang when Dom ...

if you run user or computer logon scripts in your domain, each and every time a user [or the computer] is turned on or logged in, the script will want to run and if it's on the server it can't run. That's the drawback to using scripts instead of GPOs. The script will want to run no matter what where GPOs have an order of precedence.

If users are going to use the comp away from the domain, better to give them a local machine restricted user account to use. They can have the same user account name and password, just from the drop down menu they choose local machine instead of the domain.

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by ghaeedansiyamack In reply to not really

Thank you. Unfortunately, I will not be able to disable or discontinue the current scripts. The two scripts that run upon log in they map drives and have few other functionalities for each user in each department.

Can a script be executed when the laptop is offline to overwrite the original script?

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local machine accounts and domain accounts.

by CG IT In reply to Alternative

when not on the domain, users log on to the local machine using a local machine user account and not the domain user account.

no scripts are loaded for local machine logon.

or use cached credentials for domain login when a DC isn't available and redo the script so that if the DC isn't contacted, the script doesn't just continue to try and find one.

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