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application installation

By Jaqui ·
how often do you find yourself building from sources, as opposed to using a package management tool?

of the applications installed after system has become live, what percentage are commercially licensed as opposed to free?
( open source can be commercially licensed, so it is not an open source vs closed source question. )
the bsd license is an open source license, but allows for commercial usage.

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Good question

by jmgarvin In reply to application installation

I tend to try to build from source when I know it comes with a make uninstall (or something similar). I feel like rpms take away a lot of the manual configuration I may need to do.

Don't get me wrong, I'll install rpms for typical apps, but for other things (snort comes to mind) I can only see doing some of the installation stuff by hand.

As for commercially licensed as opposed to free, the line is bluring. Some apps come in both flavors, some can't be had, except one way or another. I tend to lean towards commercially licensed for works stuff and free for home.

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by Jaqui In reply to Good question

is where the bsd license blurrs the line.

postgresql is bsd licensed, freely downloadable, in source or binary.
freely usable for any purpose, including using the sources in your own application, that you then sell commercially.
( the postgresql code is free, your additions are what you can charge for )

if you were to want to do some 3d graphics modelling, the open source /free software is extremely limited in ability. the commercial apps ( maya, softimagexsi, nuke ) have a lot more capability, and functionality.
( and cost huge cash )
would a price tag from 5 to 10 thousand us be worth it?
( skectch compared to illustrator is a good comparison of abilities for free vs commercial in this case )

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Commercial vs Free

by Choppit In reply to application installation

I reckon I build from source around 2% of the time and only if I can't get an RPM. (It's a comfort/experience thing)

As for commercial vs free, 100% of my Linux apps are free as opposed to around 75% on my Windows systems.

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well in my own case

by Jaqui In reply to application installation

my primary system is all 100% open source, and all compiled from sources.
( linux from scratch rather than a prebuilt distro )

I have debian, freebsd, mandrake installed also, and use the package tools for them, but they are my testing distros not my working distro.

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