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Application Management Framework

By supermonch ·
I have a tendency to overanalyze everything so perhaps I'm falling prey to that problem now. I'm relatively new to management - 2 years - and even newer to only having responsibility over applications - since January 2006. To say the least, I'm struggling. I'm having a hard time understanding what exactly is my role in applications management.

My team and I do not code. All the applications in-house are bought from vendors and also supported by that vendor. This is where the confusion begins. If my team and I 'are not' involved in software development since all of the in-house applications were purchased and the application is supported by a vendor, than what exactly is our role?

Does anyone have words of wisdom or a resource they can point me towards for more informaation? Any help is appreciated and I thank everyone in advance.

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Lots of Options

by kristinafh In reply to Application Management Fr ...


I hate to state the obvious - but what DO you and your team do all day? I would start there for some data and then do analysis on that.

You say that the vendor implements and supports the software. Does your team not plan a role in that at all? For instance, when a 3rd party, off the shelf package is installed, typically IT App people play "systems analysts" roles. They know the business. They know the culture. They know the interfaces between various systems. Sure, the vendor "knows" their package but not anything else.

Who does change control across the organization? Unless all of your applications are silo'ed and touch nothing else, I would suspect that this is yet another responsibility.

What about disaster recovery?

What about strategic/long-term planning for applications - who is marrying up the business vision with what is implemented and weighing the cost/benefits of keeping what you have with 50 other million factors?

Who owns the vendor relationship? Who is managing the vendors Service Level Agreements?

Just some food for thought....

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Stating the Obvious is Often Needed!

by supermonch In reply to Lots of Options

You started your post by saying you hate to state the obvious, but the obvioius sometimes needs to be stated as was the case with me. After reflecting on some of your questions, I came to the realization that my team and I are playing a vital role; we do all you said and a lot more.

I came from the technical side of the house - networks, servers, etc - and what to do was always very clear. However, now that I'm on the software side of the house, what needs to be done hasn't been as clear.

Thanks for your food for thought because it has helped!

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