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By dewdrop ·
I have an custom application that opens up off my usable screen on my XP-Pro notebook. How can I get it to move within my usable area?

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Have you ever used the Extended Desktop?

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Application opens Off Scr ...

It sounds as if the Extended Desktop is active and that the application is opening on the other monitor that isn't actually connected.

The other option is that the Screen is incorrectly set and is actually dropping off the top/bottom or sides of the monitor and the application is opening there off the visible screen.

You can plug in an external Monitor and drag this application back tot he NB's Monitor if it is an Extended Desktop Issue or just adjust the NB's Monitor to show the full screen depending on why this is happening.


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Not necessarily casued by extended desktop.

by 1bn0 In reply to Application opens Off Scr ...

This happens regularly with MS Word.97 ~ 2003. I have also had it happen with other applications. The program opens the window of the applciation at co-ordinates that are not part of the current desktop.

I will presume this is not being caused by an error directly in the application.

Try the following procedure.

Open the application.

Open the window menu by pressing ALT - Spacebar. If this is functioning correctly you should see the four way diretin cursor.

Use the cursor keys to attempt to move the application window back to a visible part of the desktop.

I have also seen child windows such as a document in word open the same way, even though the main application is centerd correctly on the screen.

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That Worked!!!

by dewdrop In reply to Not necessarily casued by ...

1bn0, your directions were fantastic. I have been working with windows since 3.1 but had never used the ALT-Spacebar command before nor the move command.

Your directions got my application back into visable space. You have my gratitude.

Thanks, Again.

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Glad it worked.

by 1bn0 In reply to That Worked!!!

Please mark my previous answer as helpful.

It's the only tangible reward our self-indulgent egos get for answering questions here.?

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by jaimecafe In reply to Glad it worked.

I have been searching many posts for a worthwhile response to this issue. This is wonderful.

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