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Application slowness

By Brian ·
Do they have software to pinpoint application slowness on a Network.I have uased the typical windows utilities but it does not show anything. I have been troubleshooting a Access program for about a month now and have not had any solution to why it is slow. I have called the manufacture but they say it is enviromental. The only thing I can think of now is to reinstall the app fresh but that can take some time since it links to about 4000 client files. I have done repairs on the app but it does not help.It is the only app that runs slow on the 45 workstations that we have. We run about 20 different apps. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Application slowness

by Oz_Media In reply to Application slowness

Access. I've seen a similar situation before that was due to filtering of records. The database must keep itself constantly indexed for fast lookups, when a filter is applied, it causes the server to rescan the indexes and delet records that don'tmeet the filter restrictions, thus slowing it down.

Ex: In ACT2000 (CRM not really a DB)the lookups are VERY fast unless the checkboxes for filtering notes are left UNCHECKED ie, 'Show types' has 4 check boxes. If one is left unchecked ie. 'e-mail', the server must rescan all the indexed notes and delete the ones that have an email field in them.

It's been a year since I worked with Access so I'm not sure on how the filtering works but I'm sure there is something similar there.

justmake sure that the record search criteria doesn't try to filter or eliminate items from a lookup unless needed. Even moving to the next record will be slow.

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Application slowness

by carquiza In reply to Application slowness

The only answer that I can think of is free space is not enough. To have a server it doesn't always means the more ram you have the better. Computer should be built-in proportion as per there actual specifications running it with different proportion will be slow in output. Can you imagine how many computer you maintain and you haven't got enough free space for all the program you wish to run then the result will be slow in application. Hope this helps a bit.

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Application slowness

by ananthap In reply to Application slowness

Specific points.
(1) In Access, it is necessary to COMPRESS the database when it is exclusively available. Particularly, if many users are adding data to it, this should be done regularly. Even daily night shift! 4000 client files. Definitely a lotof regular housekeeping seems necessary.

(2) Some oever-engineered Access and VB are like that. Thick client, lot of initial table and array building etc. seems a strong case for a rewrite.


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