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    applications at startup


    by shyamalsinha ·

    I ran a prog called Magicspeed which offered an option to remove some applications from startup, to increase startup and running speeds. I randomly selected some and removed, but found to my horror that the prog gave no option for reselecting the removed items. They were gone from the list. Then I started having some problems. So far, I have lost the entries of frequently used programs that keep adding up in the start menu, in the pane left of the menu items listed and secondly, the scroll on my touchpad has stopped functioning (I am using HP Pavilion dv4440). Resetting the properties of the start menu has not helped the first issue and I do not know which services/ applications affect this and the touchpad scroll. System restore has not helped, as there are no changes that it recognizes. There may be other problems which I have not found yet. Can someone help me resolve this?

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