Applied for a Job, want to know what I should expect

By blairjfenning ·
Hey all! I recently applied for an IT CL3 Position at my local University and I want to pick the brain of the community here with some questions. I have never worked IT before, but I have Managed a Game Store where I ensured top notch customer service and generally had to diagnose and repair many systems. I have what I would say is a broad knowledge of PC software and repair; I've always fixed my own issues on all my home PCs whether it's installing new software, redoing drivers, fixing registry issues and the like.

I've already made it past the Operations manager, to an interview with the Chair Committee, and now on Monday I have a tour and 2nd interview with the team. I'm very excited for this opportunity and I want to make sure I am ready.

So my question to you all is, based off of this Job description, what kind of level of work should I be expecting? They required not degrees, no certifications, nothing, just a strong knowledge of PC/and or Mac software and applications.

Here is their post below:

We are seeking to fill one position as IT Specialist, Career Level 3. This position works both independently and collaboratively to provide technology support to faculty, staff, and students through on-site, phone, email and remote assistance. Responsibilities include: maintain administrative technology hardware and software; maintain computer labs and classrooms; assist faculty, staff and students with software support issues; provide on-site support to ensure computers and labs are fully operational; supervise and manage student technical staff; provide media services support; troubleshoot client ­based network connectivity issues; monitor support queues for proper and timely completion; coordinate services with other IT departments; participate as an active member of cross-functional teams; investigate, analyze, and learn new and emerging technologies which have potential application in the campus environment.


Collaborative and an effective communicator who possesses a strong customer service orientation
Strategic and creative thinker
Demonstrated ability to providing effective technical solutions for a diverse community within a changing environment

What do you think I should expect from a job like this? Thank you all!

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Not to sound discouraging, BUT...

the description given is too vague in its descriptions. Plus you don't really have any verifiable IT experience, other than self-support. It would be very easy to find yourself in WAY over your head. I would have asked them previously if some certifications or degrees would be preferable. So, don't get your hopes up to high, that way you won't fall so far if the position is not offered to you!

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Follow up...

by blairjfenning In reply to Not to sound discouraging ...

Thanks! Yeah I'm keeping a level head about it. I did ask during the first interview what kind of tasks I should expect from the job. She had replied that if I like to get in deep and hands on with stuff that I won't like the job as that stuff is pushed on to engineering; those above this position.

The only tech question asked was:

"You have a customer whos computer is running but there is no picture on the screen. What's wrong?"

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And what was your answer?

by wizard57m_cnet Moderator In reply to Follow up...

For the "no picture" scenario? Your very first thought only.

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Follow up

by blairjfenning In reply to And what was your answer?

Yeah, I had asked some follow up questions, ie is the computer running, did it beep. She said yes, so I just said, well either the monitor is not on or there is a problem with the connection to the computer or graphics card to the monitor.

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That's a pretty good answer,

by wizard57m_cnet Moderator In reply to Follow up

first thing I always check is the power source, lol! "My computer won't run! Fix it!" me..Well, did you turn it on and is it connected to a power source, you know, 'plugged into the wall socket'?
Has worked more than once!

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by blairjfenning In reply to That's a pretty good answ ...

It surprises me how often that's a problem. What do you think might be the most common issues?

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Things have changed a bit over the years,

by wizard57m_cnet Moderator In reply to Haha

power cords used to be very common source of aggravation. There were times when the scene under the typical desk looked like a yard sale at a wiring/cable supply company. Most times in days gone by with typical desktop systems once you ruled out power cords/connection, then start checking for dirt, dust and debris...clogged vents are probably still an issue. (I no longer do much in the line of troubleshooting, outside my own systems). Another common source of problems...PEBKAC...
Problem Exists Between Keyboard And Chair! User error...really common in the old DOS and Win3X/9X era! Funny one..."My cup holder no longer retracts into the case! I need it fixed now, don't want to spill coffee on the keyboard!"
me....Ummmmmm, that is NOT a cup holder Ms. Smith, that is the CD ROM drive!" (Name changed to protect the idiots, er...."innocents"!)
Or...."I was using File Manager, there were a lot of files on my C drive that I never use, so I deleted them all. Now none of my programs run and Windows won't start!" Hehe!

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Oh man...

by blairjfenning In reply to Things have changed a bit ...

That's fantastic. I forget sometimes that answers to problems can be that simple.

The job I applied for is at a University, the one I went to actually for Digital Media. It says it's just helping students and faculty so I'm expecting a lot of that.

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