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    Apply Group Policy- Help!


    by lesterlearn ·

    I am using Windoz 2k server- domain running fine. but cant apply group policy to users. Restrictions set in policy, policy linked to Org Unit, but not applying. Dont know what i did wrong. Pls help with ideas.

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      Potentially need more info

      by briandesu ·

      In reply to Apply Group Policy- Help!

      Are the users you want the policy applied to located in the OU? Are the permissions for the users set to Read and Apply Group Policy? I have seen numerous admins nailed by this.

      What have you configured the GPO to apply to…Software Installation, …Internet Explorer Settings…, Logon Scripts…, Whatever? Each little facet seems to have it’s own quirks.

      Check the event logs, which many times will report a failure of group policy application. You can also check the userenv.log.



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