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Applying a link in an image

By Supratip ·
Hello All!

I've been studying web development and stuck in this image interaction.
I need to know how to provide a link to an image without <a> tag?
I tried with an <a> tag. Image size is 50x50 and when I move the cursor over to the image I could see the link applied to the whole parallel horizontal line even if there was nothing.
Without <a> tag I used window object but that didn't work. So I need suggestions.

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Keep studying!

HTML tags not only have a beginning mark, for example
<a>, but they also have a closing mark... </a>.
At one time the W3C had a free online HTML validator, quite handy to check your work.

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by codyhay In reply to Keep studying!

Yeas most html tags has and ending tag, without it your tag would not work correctly.

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check your work

by Hermoinegeorge555 In reply to Applying a link in an ima ...

well html does not only have beginning mark it also have a closing mark which should be put their at any cost or else your image will distort or whatever its happening to your image. just keep in mind that after doing your work. keep checking if it is correct because it affects the results.

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