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Applying for an inside job

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Tell us what you think about applying for an internal position at your company, as discussed in Monday's Career Advice e-newsletter. Do you think it's a good idea to bypass HR? What experiences do you have with applying for internal positions?

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Going to the source can get you fired

by esteck In reply to Applying for an inside jo ...

My first job out of college was in an R&amp Test group for a manufacturing company. Since I really wanted to do design, when an opportunity in the Prodcut Design and Development group became available I went to that VP to inquire about the job. My performance in the R&amp group had been good. I had solve a few difficult problems and had received 2 raises in less than a year. However, a few busiess days later I'm called into the head of R&amp office and fired.

You have to factor the politics of the situation.

In another position in another company, I made sure I had FULL support from my current boss. The transition and promotion to another department went fine.

My advice is be careful - In today's market, you must be very careful of pollitics as they carry more weight than a few years ago.

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HR was clueless...

by dave.wygonowski In reply to Applying for an inside jo ...

I agree that you should at least make initial contact with the hiring manager, but as the previous posting indicated, caution is advised. It all depends on the environment. I was located in FL at the time when I posted for a position in NJ. HR told me that the position was no longer valid and the HR posting number was old, when in fact this was a brand new position that had been posted only a few weeks earlier. Not knowing the managers or being close enough to research the situation better,I in turn posted for a different position and very shortly after received a call from the hiring manager for the first position. Needless to say I got the first job that I had originally posted for but might have not if the two managers were not close friends.

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applying for an inside job

by youapaw In reply to Applying for an inside jo ...

I have seen this method work real well. Good advice.

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check into the position first

by sikki In reply to Applying for an inside jo ...

Applying for an inside job is great, it shows you want to move up/not sit where you are comfortable. One to thing to watch for though is to make sure there isn't someone currently doing the job description but w/out the title. I ran into this problem myself, if I had known I would not have even applied for the position. Then the HR department sent me a letter saying I wasn't qualified enough for the position I had at the time rather than the one I was applying for.
Another thing to find out is whether internal postings take precedence or are favored over external applicants. You might want to look at who that manager hired for the last couple openings to see what they showed a preference for, that doesn't always work though.

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