Applying Group Policy to an Entire Site

By paul_wilson4 ·
I am trying to Apply group Policy to An Entire Site. At the moment I have 1 Top level Domain - and many sub Domains -, ect. I want to enfore a group Policy to all users and computers in every domain. To do this I've set a group policy up from the Site Level. Problem is the policy applys to servers but not workstations. I have set No Overide on the policy and checked that there is no GPO under it with Block Inherritance. When I do a GPResult from a workstaion it doesn't even list the GPO I have applied from the Site Level. Any help to find out why this is happening would be appretiated. Thankyou

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Need more Info......domain or site?

by CG IT In reply to Applying Group Policy to ...

From your post, it appears that you want the GPO you created to apply to all computers and users in both the root domain and all child domains.

So the more information needed is your OU structure. how do you have computers and users collected in OUs? Are child domain OUs nested in the parent domain OU? Are computer OUs in child domains nested in the parent domain computer OU? or do you have seperate OUs for each domain not nested in the parent domain OU?

note: Sites in AD are not the same as Domains. A site is a subnet and configured in AD sites and services.

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Seperate OUs for Users and Computers in each Domain

by paul_wilson4 In reply to Need more Info......domai ...

Thanks for the Quick Response

I have seperate OUs for Users and Computers in each Domain. Sorry I'm not excatly sure what you mean by 'nested' in the Parent Domain OU(maybe thats my problem). I have been trying to set the GPO from Sites and Services on a Parent Domain Controller.

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GPO linked to Domains or OUs

by CG IT In reply to Seperate OUs for Users an ...

To make a GPO work, it must be connected to an OU. An OU is a container to coller objects for applying GPOs.

here's a MS Technet article

GPOs can links to the domain or an OU. If your not applying the GPO to the domain or to an OU then that's probably the reason your GPO doesn't work.

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How to apply to entire Tree?

by paul_wilson4 In reply to GPO linked to Domains or ...

I was under the impression that GPOs can be applied from the Site Level as this is how they are applied - Local, SITE, Domain, OU. Is there a better way to go about it if I need to apply a GPO to the entire AD Tree. The only other way is if I add the GPO to the top of each Child Doamin Individually which wouldn't be the best way to do things.

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