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By jmpk ·
I'm taking an MIS class and wanted some input for a discussion we're having - some feel that developing an IT infrastructure for ecommerce and ebusiness is above all a business decision while some feel it's a technical one. Your thoughts?

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by Jaqui In reply to appreciate ur thoughts/cl ...

it's a combination of both.
1) does the business stand to show a significant benefit of going with ecommerce application?
( pure business decision )

2) what hardware is required?
( it technical )

3) site design
technical concept, business approval
the it department designs the site / app, but before going live the board has to approve look / feel.

what the it department comes u[p with in design may not fit the business properly, so the board has to have final say on how the site will look.

the functionality is pure technical ( other than aspects controlled by look, such as that theft tech called clientside scripting [ flash, javascript, activex, dhtml, vbscript ] )

remember, it isn't well broadcast, but clientside scripting means the site owner is legally required to pay for cpu time for every site visitor. if they don't they have commited theft.

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by CG IT In reply to appreciate ur thoughts/cl ...

My opinion is that the decision to use ecommerce or ebusiness to general additional revenue is a business decision. In making such a decision, the suits need to know how much developing, implementing, administering and maintaining such a venue will cost vs realized revenue.

The actual implementation of the ecommerce/ebusiness is a technical one. The suits aren't the ones installing, setting up, administrating or maintaining it, the IT people are as well as the administrative people.

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by jmgarvin In reply to appreciate ur thoughts/cl ...

Developing the IT infrastructure, and only the IT infrastructure, for ebusiness is a technical decision. However, the global view of using ebusiness is a managerial decision.

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