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By jkullama ·
What type of content management system can I use to update small parts of an existing page?
My employer puts out a monthly online newsletter of funding opportunities for researchers. The problem we are finding is that it is very hard to archive the funding opportunities and avoid reprinting the same ones. We also want to add funding opportunities more frequently than once a month. My boss wants to have parts of the webpage of funding opportunities be entered and then archived through a blog-type format.
However, the only change we want to make to the look and feel of the site is to have a date listing for when the funding opportunity was added.

Is this even possible? Is there a blog-like editor
that would allow us to easily edit, write, and archive only certain paragraphs on a page. A script? Ideally, the archives would be separated by category. We have to get a WYSIWYG editor. The additional constraint is that we do not have access to a SQL server and are not allowed to install one." Open-source software would be
ideal. I started installing Pivot but it seems like overkill.

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