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Aquiring a job w/UOP degree

By EMinIT ·
More in the Univeristy degree issue. I really need some advice. I
am still trying to a decision about attending the University of
Phoenix next Wednesday. The cost and comments I've heard
about this school has really swayed my decision. I am a single
mom, my son is in private school, I am in the IT field now,
technical support, in the end I'd be $50,000 in debt in student
loans. I am also trying to buy a home and I'm not sure how the
student loans will affect this. I am attending a community
college but at the rate I'm going I feel that I'm losing my
motivation and getting nowhere. Does UoP's degree really hold
it's own out there against people that have earned degrees from
State Universities? Does anyone out there feel that earning their
degree from UOP made a difference in their life? Has anyone
aquired the job and pay they desired after earning a UOP
degree? Has anyone felt they were overlooked because they had
a degeee from UOP and not a state university? I'm curious about
what life is like AFTER earning a UOP degree. What kind of
impact did it have for people out there? Thanks!

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by Garion11 In reply to Aquiring a job w/UOP degr ...

Here is a website with messageboards and forums you can post that exact question(s). I am attending AIU and I will graduate in 9/2005. Even though its will leave me in 30K debt, from what I have seen so far, a lack of degree is perceived as an "incomplete" in the business world. I for one need it if I want to switch careers/get a loan/business etc. It can't hurt, but it also depends on what you are doing etc... Good luck in whatever you decide to do.

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Depends on who is hiring

by gralfus In reply to Aquiring a job w/UOP degr ...

Most places I have applied couldn't care less about where the degree came from. They were only concerned that I have a degree. In fact HP sponsored me at UOP for as long as I worked for them (they required that we get a BS to work in I.T.). My current employer never even mentioned any concern over UOP. I do remember some engineer types at HP that thought UOP was less of a school than land-based schools, but there will always be snooty types that only care about where you went to school so they can feel superior to you. As long as they are the ones doing the hiring, there shouldn't be a problem.

About the cost, check into government grants and scholarships. They can really help. You definitely don't want a ton of debt without knowing that you can land a much better paying job. I.T. isn't a great place to work anymore compared with yesteryear, especially with generalized skills. But if you can find a niche, you can still make good money. And look for gov't jobs, city, county, state, and federal.

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