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    Aquiring Network Address issue


    by luv2bike2 ·

    One of my users has an HP Pavilion dv6000 laptop, XP Media Center Edition, SP3, MS updates up to date. I cleaned the system from Viruses/malware/spyware/adware about 2 weeks ago and everything was working great–fast and efficent.

    the problem is:
    The users was using the laptop at home connecting to the internet through their cable company using DHCP, and the laptop had been working properly after I had cleaned it up two weeks ago. the user brought it back to the office and said that it will not connect to the internet. I plugged the laptop into the companies network and sure enough, it will not connect to the network. after running all the malware/virus/spyware/adware software to see if something was preventing the connection and they came up with zippo.
    since the laptop is set up for DHCP I figured let me try Static IP and it worked. I was able to connect to the internet, surf etc. i went back to DHCP and still getting Aquiring Network Address and won’t connect to the internet.

    Any ideas as to why it won’t connect through DHCP. All my computers in the office are working fine on DHCP. it is just the laptop that is having the issue… in our office and in his home.

    some added info:
    I was told that his son installed Skype on the laptop after I had cleaned up the computer a couple of weeks ago. that was the only software that was installed on the on laptop however the laptop was working fine after he installed Skype. Just for ha-ha’s i uninstalled Skype and its tool bar utility to see if connecting to the internet would work with DHCP but it had no effect.

    There is a wireless adapter in the laptop which I disable and tried to get on the internet using DHCP, no luck.

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      by luv2bike2 ·

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      some malware leaves some crap

      by xnavydk ·

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      like go into IE and check to make sure that the proxy is not checked. Fake AV software changes the proxy and it is not fixed after removal.

      I also had a case where the registry was so corrupted after virus removal that the machine had to be reloaded from image. networking would not work and programs didn’t know what to open with. easier just to re-image and restore from backup.

      if the problem is not just IE and networking related make a new connection or remove and reload drivers for the nic. Seems odd that a static will work and dhcp wont. But try reinstalling the adapter may work.

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        Proxy is not checked off

        by luv2bike2 ·

        In reply to some malware leaves some crap

        it is very weird that DHCP is not working however Static IP is working.

        I will try reinstalling the network adapter to see if that will work.

        Thanks for your suggestions. 🙂

        I will post back after I reinstall the adapter.

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      Happened to me several years ago

      by oldbaritone ·

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      I had to reinstall Windows. I argued with the ISP at the time, but after a reinstall everything was fine.

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      You may just have to stick with static ip

      by scndtnr ·

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      I have the same issue with a Dell Latitude D810. I tried everything; driver updates, firmware, uninstall/reinstall the nic, reset the tcp/ip stack, etc.; nothing worked…not even ditching XP and doing a clean install of Win 7. So I use a static ip at work, and use my wireless nic for DHCP connections (like at a client site). My only conclusion is that it’s a hardware issue, and since my D810 is five years old (and not likely to be replaced soon), I’ll work with what I have.

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      by the ‘g-man.’ ·

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