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    archive calender to be default on server for all to view


    by yollaj1 ·

    all my mails gets delivered to my archive PST and my calander has been running from there just fine! BUT had to format PC and reload NOW my mails are still being delivered to archive PST including meeting requests BUT when anyone views my calander status via mailserver when they want to invite me to a meeting then they see only the server calander and NOT my archive calander so cannot see my calander status – busy or not…

    PLEASE can SOMEONE help.. my IT has been sitting on this for weeks now!


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      by yollaj1 ·

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        Request for Clarification

        by robo_dev ·

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        What version of Outlook and Exchange?

        At a high level, do you need to use PST mode?

        What type of account are you using? POP? IMAP? Exchange? If the latter
        (via VPN or HTTP), then make your delivery location the Exchange mailbox, not the PST…then cached mode keeps a local copy. If POP, then configure the account to leave copies of messages on the server.

        Just so you understand, in order for others to invite you to meetings, they need to get to the database on the server. Your local PST needs to synchronize and keep current with your calendar that is on the server.

        The problem is that your local (pst) calendar is not in-sync with the server calendar. When other users invite you to a meeting, the request does not goto your PC, it goes to the server.

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