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Howzit everyone... I'm still a noob here but I must say I find this site extremely helpful.

Guys I've got a clients PC where somebody ripped out all the connection jumpers and he wants his PC working again. As you can see this is a "stone age" damn PC but the guy has sentimental value to it... BLA BLA BLA, guess you all know the story. Could anyone please if you have archives please let me know where I can find a Mobo manual for a BXcel HT1543. I've searched the web with no luck. Please help!!!

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to [Archives] PC100 BXcel HT ...

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I can not tell you much about this one

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to [Archives] PC100 BXcel HT ...

But it is a PC Chips M'Board. PC Chips like Solteck is no more so there is very little information available. However unlike Soltech they where not a good M'Board if they worked for a year they tended to continue working but many failed to work for even a year reliably.

These where a Basic Cheepie M'Board that used common Chip Set's. You may have some joy by looking for similar Chip Set M'Boards from the Bigger M'Board makers as the PC Chips M'Boards where nothing special. They did however have fairly decent Screen Printing on the Boards so it may be possible to replace the Jumpers just by reading the M'Board as it may tell what should go where.

Failing that post back with the CPU Type and the M'Board Chip Set and I'll see what I can come up with.

Unless I'm just reading this wrong and you are asking how to replace the Front Panel Connections to the M'Board. These should be Silk Screened on the M'Board with the P Led, Speaker, HDD LED, Reset & Power Switches shown on the M'Board. The LED's are Polarized components so they need to go on to the colored lead to the Positive Connector which is always the Number 1 Connection.

The Power LED has a 3 Pin Connector but only uses the two outer pins, The Speaker uses a 4 Pin Connector and again should only use the two outer connections the remaining ones are all a 2 way connector.


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Apparently the M726 is based the HT1543 is it

by Jacky Howe In reply to [Archives] PC100 BXcel HT ...
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