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Archiving data to DVD-R?

By info ·
Has anyone found or developed a good automated solution for archiving data to optical media?

Situation: Client has had VERY bad experiences with Tape solutions and wants to do monthly archives to DVD-R media. The drives and media a cheap enough and they are only archiving 40GB or so. Doing this to CD (which they are doing now with backuptocd.exe) is time consuming to the admin staff and uses ALOT of blank media. This is only for off-site storage and archiving and doesn't represent their only survival strategy. I am trying to eliminate as much media and user interaction as possible while keeping costs under control.

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I've had

by Dr Dij In reply to Archiving data to DVD-R?

reliability problem with CD-R. I come back to look at disk year or two later and many unreadable. While cd-roms are fairly reliable, given non-detrimental storage conditions, as they are pressed, I'm not sure about the cd-r stability, given the extra dye layer.

Also recently saw where fungus gets in dye layers in tropical and wet climates, making the disks unreadable very quickly in hot climates or poor storage.

I just switched to dvd-r to backup my massive productions. blanks are dirt cheap ($.17US). too early to tell you if it is stable. might try searching the web.

Sounds like you have an answer already. You can't use the same program? or updated copy?

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DVD backup

by robmcinnes In reply to I've had

I'm sure you could use any backup program to backup the data and then use a DVD burning software to burn the backup image to disk.
Just make sure you have a top quality DVD burner, Computer have just reviewed 20 or so. Also don't buy cheap disks, otherwise you will encounter read/write problems.

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by gralfus In reply to Archiving data to DVD-R?

I have seen automated DVD systems, but they are typically quite spendy, at least for robotics. If you only need a backup to happen and can have a human take care of the loading and unloading of disks, then cost drops dramatically. I did a google search and found basic unit with 7 drives / dual layer burners for about $2200.

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by rdscrump In reply to Automation

We've been backing up data to dvd-r for sometime now. Mixed results due to slow computor processor and poor performance of burner. I suggest having a current, powerful pc with a plextor dvd burner. Always use brand name disks.

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That's cheap

by Dr Dij In reply to Automation

so company might complain about dropping $2200 but then run buy a DLT auto-loader for $6500!?

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by jhines In reply to Archiving data to DVD-R?

Not worth too much more thought if you're only talking about 40GB. If you are truly committed to saving both time and money, why not go "all the way" and invest in DVD-RW re-writable media, such as Mitsubishi DVD-RW 4.7GB Ver.1.2/2x - 4x (P/N DHW47Y1). This way, for a little bit more, the additional option of recovering the media for future use (or immediate "refresh" or "reuse") after the "archive life" has expired presents itself.

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DVD data backup

by dacar In reply to Use DVD-RW

I've stsrted using DVD-R and DVD-RW with Nero Burning 6.6 and have no problems. Besides, as you insert your disk Nero looks for new and deleted files in your archives, so you're one click away from updating your data easily..

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NTI's Drive Backup! 3 is what you want

by Flash00 In reply to Archiving data to DVD-R?

I've been using NTI's Drive Backup! 3 for a year or two now, to backup to DVD+/-RW. It will make a bootable DVD image of your system partition, which will restore your OS with a click. It also copies folders and files in the usual way, also to DVD. It also offers compression.

As for the longevity of DVD+/-R and +/-RW media, as always you get what you pay for. According to what I found on the internet, accelerated testing of name-brand CDs and DVDs suggests that the best of them should be readable for at least a hundred years with reasonable care. "Bargain" media? Well....?

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Removable Hard Drive

by HowardParr In reply to Archiving data to DVD-R?

Why not back up to a removable HD? Or a USB or Network connected HD? I use a combination of both. I use a external USB HD that I have replaced the fixed HD with a removable HD. Plug the USB into the PC, kick off the backup utility before going home and check it the morning. Swap HDs and connect to the next PC. Simple and easy, reusable media, time tested, no disk swapping, and cheaper.

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'Portable' Hard drives

by ross_diamond In reply to Removable Hard Drive

Any thoughts on portable storage? We are thinking of adding external HDs for offsite backups (still using a tape for some critical data). My thinking was that we would get 2 external HDs that would be exchanged each day (we currently do this with tapes, rotating daily so that every night one tape is offsite with the previous day's backup). The other advantage of adding HDs to our backup system is more storage space. Is there any significant difference in durability between standard external HDs (with 3.5" disks inside), and 'portable' external HDs with 2.5" disks inside? My understanding is that the larger format external HDs are intended for primarily stationary use, so I'm not sure how they would hold up with being carried back and forth every day. On the other hand, the 2.5" 'portable' drives are often billed as ideal for additional storage to carry around with a laptop. My boss is the one who usually brings the tape back and forth to the office every day. He doesn't plan on using the external HDs for traveling or carrying around all the time, so he's not too concerned about the larger size and weight.
Any insights or suggestions would be appreciated.

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