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    Archiving Email using Folders


    by helen.rowbotham ·

    Hello all,
    I’m currently in the process of archiving email messages for users that have left to a folder on the system.

    This works really well, however I have a user that has over 30,000 emails that I need to move across, however when the process is finished there are only around 23,000 emails showing in the folder.

    Has anyone using this method come across this before, is there a way I can ensure all emails are copied over?

    Thanks Helen

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      by helen.rowbotham ·

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      More details please…

      by piniron ·

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      What process are you using to copy the emails – export? exmerge?

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        Method used…..

        by helen.rowbotham ·

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        Just good old copy and paste I’m afraid, as recommended in one of the techrepublic articles.

        Should I be doing it a different way?

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          Better methods are..

          by piniron ·

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          If you have admin rights to the exchange server than I would suggest using Exmerge. It will export the complete mailbox of single or multiple users to individual PST files – that is one pst per mailbox. Its relatively fast and once set just leave it to run, you can even do it while the exchange server is online. Just Google Exmerge and you will find stacks of articles on how to use it.

          Alternative is a bit more laborious and that is to export the users mailbox using the export facility in Outlook – not as elegant as Exmerge but with the same end result. Anythings got to be better than Copy and Paste. Hope this helps.;)

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          by helen.rowbotham ·

          In reply to Better methods are..

          Thanks for your reply, however we were trying to avoiding creating pst files, we just wanted to have the emails in normal folders you see.

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