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Archiving Exchange 2000 Data

By robw ·
Looking for suggestions to following:
I administer a Exchange 2000 Server.
The store is nearly 16 Gigs which is the max size.
I have asked users to "clean" their mailboxes but have not made much progress.

I would like to implement and archiving scheme which would archive mail out of their boxes on a regular bases without their interaction. It is extremely important that they can access these emails afterwards. This should be a server based archive tool. PSTs are somewhat ackward to use and can corupted faily easily. I will use them if absolutely required.

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Archiving Exchange 2000 Data

by Shanghai Sam In reply to Archiving Exchange 2000 D ...

When I rebuilt a 2000+ user site for Y2K, we had a similar archive problem. Fortunately I had dual CD Servers 260 CD's online. We simply time block segmented each users PST (at each large users request) burnt achival CD's containing (Exchange) compressed PST files for access from the CD server. The user terminals / (accounts with large mail boxes) were mapped to the archival CD. Each user had a home drive of 100 MByte, thus the archival problem was not an onerous task and CD's were recompiled bi-fortnightly. I had a similar policy in place for reference, publications, and other e-data that was not used in 60 days. That allowed the site to keep the live data within the storage limits of the combined server and storage networks. The exchangeservers were Compaq heavies triple 850 xeons with 1Gbyte of memory per CPU and disk space sufficient to accomodate all users (2000+) at 180MByte each on either of the 2 servers to give a full fallover recovery recovery as email was as in your case aprime business requirement. The solution has a $cost, and I know how users do not listen to requssts to clean up home drives and PST files. Limitation of drive size, scanning for size violations, and advise to the users, and their supervisors of excess usage can help but you need a company policy and depending on the local privacy law, a signed users access agreement for the network that acknowledges the companies right to monitor usage.

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Archiving Exchange 2000 Data

by robw In reply to Archiving Exchange 2000 D ...

This solution though effective would not be viable in our situatuation. We do not want to count on user interaction. I'm fairly comfortable however giving each user a chunk of disk space on our IDE Raid drives.

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