Arcserve 11.1 driving me insane

By Blackcurrant ·

I am using Arcserve 11.1 for Windows on a Domain Controller running Windows 2003 Server Standard Edition.

I am having a problem with the tapes. What is happening is that the tapes being requested when a job runs are not being recognised as valid.

When I compare the serial number of the requested tape with the list of tape media in the scratch set, they do not match. If I insert a tape listed in the scratch set, it is not accepted.

I was wondering if this was due to a problem with the database and have run Arcserve's DBCHECK utility on the VLDB, and have checked: asjob, asmedia, asmsg, asobject, asrhost, astape, astpdrv, astpsdat, asmmo and aslogerr. No errors where detected.

If anyone would like to offer any troubleshooting suggestions I could try, I would be grateful.

I have sorted this out. I had not realised that some of the tapes had been retired! This effectively removed them from circulation.

It is a pity that Arcserve is not written well enough that retired tapes are taken out of the media pool, or that they are flagged as retired. You really should not have to examine the properties of each of your media to discover if they are retired.

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