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    ArcServe 7.0 issue


    by vchd_it ·

    I have loaded ARCServe manager on a computer running Windows 2000. The application shows no data. For example in “Jobs status” it lists only the current backup job to be ran this evening. It does not list all previous backup jobs.

    Our server is running Netware 6.0.

    This application is loaded on another computer also running windows 2000 and it operates fine.

    What have I done wrong in the installation?

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      by hsdoctor ·

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      Be sure and ready the tech documents for ARcServe and NW 6. Be sure and apply all the patches that refer to this setup. Also be sure that the “computer browser” is turned on. Try these and see if this helps. If not reply back and I will see if can find anything else. When you reply back be sure to give the specs on your set up…..what service packs and patches for both applications

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      by vchd_it ·

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