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    ARCserve 7.0


    by jkinzer ·

    I’m currently running ARCserve 7.0 on a Netware 5.1 SP5.When I go into the ARcserve manager(running on my desktop) in the job status section I see that there is no job ready to be backed up on the scheduled backup scheme.Is there a way for me to getthe backup job back into the scheduled rotation?

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      ARCserve 7.0

      by preshere ·

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      If I understand you correctly,

      Arcserve 7.0: you ran a job and and no longer find it to run again.

      If the job was saved before it ran, just select FILE-> Open and reopen the job. Change the frequency from ONCE to DAILY. Re-save the job. Deactivate (pause) the job on the schedule list when you don’t want it to run, or adjust the frequency of the job.

      If the job was not saved, you will have to create a new job, change the frequency to DAILY. Save the job: FILE-> SAVE

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