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By pnoykalbo ·
Does anybody have issues on expanding the "Restore by Session" on ArcServer Restore Manager? Merging a data from the backup tape successfully which I cannot expand the merged data to browse the files that I needed to restore. Does anybody experience this problem? Any resolution? Thank you.

I'm running an ArcServe Backup Utility r11.5 SP3 running on RHEL 5 kernel-2.6.18-8.el5

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Somebody? Nobody?

by pnoykalbo In reply to ArcServe Backup Utility

Anyway, I just resolved this isssue. The ArcServe database is huge, so I had to compress the database. Email me for resolution.

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Database maintenance may help

by shasca In reply to Somebody? Nobody?

1.) Close all ARCserve programs (i.e. Manager, Server Admin)
2.) Stop ARCserve Database Engine Service
3.) Delete all files like *.CH? from the \ARCserve\database\ directory
4.) Start ARCserve Database Engine Service
5.) Start ARCserve Server Admin
6.) Select Database Engine tab
7.) Pull down the menu "Operation"
8.) Select "Initialize Database ..."
9.) Switch from "All Databases" to "The Database to be initialized"
10.) Select ONLY the Datbase "ASTPSDAT"
11.) Press the Initialize button

NOTE! This procedure will almost empty your Database.
Since the database is empty you can not restore without Merging back sessions to your database.

Each run of your Backup Job will fill the Database with new records (if you use the Backup Job Option "Record Detail Information"), so be sure to limit the history days in ARCserve Server Admin Database Configuration to 8 or 15 days. (We use 30!! Company Standard)

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This might be helpful

by pnoykalbo In reply to Database maintenance may ...

This might be helpful if you're running a Windows based server. But I'm also posting my resolution I received from CA if you're running ArcServe on a Linux box.

#cstatus - check to see any processes running. Usually the MergeCat and dbclean are the processes that unable to be killed so kill these processes cleanly using kill -usr1. Do not use -9 since it might damage the db.

#ps -ef | grep ingres to check on the status of the ingress is running.
#ca_dbadmin -maintain -entity -gen_script

The generated script path goes to /opt/BrightStorArcserve/dbase/maintenance/maintain_script.sql

Then needs to be executed
#sqlingres <opt/BrightStorArcserver/dbase/maintenance/maintain_script.sql

Running this it will take for a while. Once its completed, it will automatically goes to the prompt.

Then start the backup

This process compressed my db from 90+gb to 9.7gb. This will resolve the problem of unable to expand and explore to search files from the restore manager due to the size of the db.

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by shasca In reply to This might be helpful

Missed that small part of your post sorry. Same resolution different OS.

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Yes Indeed

by pnoykalbo In reply to Linux

Thanks Shasca.. These resolutions will definitely help others.

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