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Arcserve v9 Device Disconnected

By Ewai ·
I have recently moved our Arcserve v9 implementation from one NT server to another. However on the new server during a GFS rotation backup one of the 2 DLT7000 devices in the Compaq Tape Library becomed disconnected. This then messes up the current backup, and reduces the system to using only one tape at a time. The problem is resolved with a reboot, but as soon as a backup runs again, the device becomes disconnected again. Previously I had this when migrating from an earlier version to the previous server, and it was resolved by re-ordering the devices in the Device Configuration wizard. I had to make sure the Device order was as follows: Library ID6, Tape1 ID5, Tape2 ID4. However this is how the system is currently configured. I have tried the only other alternative Library ID6, Tape2 ID6, Tape1 ID5 with no joy. Interestingly with the order 6,5,4 it is slot 9 that first fails, on 6,4,5 it is slot 4 that first fails. Random. Anyone any ideas?? This is on an NT4.0sp6a server. Thanks.

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