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    ArcserveIT Crashing NT


    by calves ·

    I have an ArcserveIT Advanced running on a NT 4 SP5 with all the updates, for NT and ArcserveIT. I know BackupExec and I’m learning ArcserveIT.
    The ArcserveIT is not backing up the machine in which it resides. If I set a backup for the other servers, it works fine with 139 MB per minute transfer and shows no problems. However, if I set a job to backup a single file, say 200 kb from either partition of the local server, the ArcserveIT locks up and eventually crashes. When I go to Task Manager it says that ArcserveIT is not responding. I try to kill the Job, the processors just go bizzare and it eats up all my resources, causing the NT to crawl to a complete stop. Same with the process, if I try to stop the .exe process, it does the samething. Has been 3 days and I had no success. I reinstalled the ArcserveIT SP1, all the updates, re-applied SP on NT, tried new tapes, reformated the tapes b4 the job, created new jobs with different configurations and the result has been the same everytime.
    I can move th

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      ArcserveIT Crashing NT

      by ideafixer ·

      In reply to ArcserveIT Crashing NT

      They have free tech support:

      800 645 3042

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      ArcserveIT Crashing NT

      by themole01 ·

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      Have you tried using the NT Agent to back up the machine?

      If not install the NT (assuming that the machine is NT) Agent off the ArcServe CD. Modify the job by using autodiscovery on the NT Agents and select the Computer. Choose the files or diectories that you want backed up. (Remove the existing backup of the PC) (i.e. MY Computer, C:/, D:/,etc)
      ***I’ve done this more than once – (Make sure you save the job, it doesn’t do it automatically when you close the job. Delete the existing job and put in the newly saved job.)

      If that doesn’t work…… they have free Tech support. E-mail works best, but usually takes 1-3 days for a response.

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