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    ArcServeIT v6.6x trouble


    by dlweaver ·

    I’ll get right to it. Windows NT 4 Server SP6a. ArcServeIT 6.62 SP2. Problem creating “boot disks”. When I run through the Boot Disk wizard to create a set of Disaster Recovery disks, I receive an error on the first floppy disk being made. The process starts and gets to about 99% complete and errors out saying: “Error writing to disk. The disk is either full or write protected…..” The disk isn’t write protected adn I’ve used several different BRAND NEW formatted disks with the same error on each. Can anyone PLEASE help me……I have a set of disks made in November of last year and I need to get a fresh copy made before this weekend. I’m we’re upgrading our server disks this Saturday and I need a valid copy of the Disaster Recovery disks so we can reload the new disks without doing it all the old fashioned way!….Any help will be greatly appreciated and points will be awarded!

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      by overmod ·

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      Check the format of the Boot Disk wizard. Is it trying
      to write volumes to a Zip disk? Is it using NTFS, or
      anything else that could cause unexpected data to
      be written to the disk in excess of the as-formatted
      capacity (which, if smaller than the nominal capacity
      anticipated by the disaster-recovery-disk utility,
      would lead to just this sort of problem)?

      I presume you’ve looked at the directories of the
      disks that have been improperly written, and can
      compare some of the file content with ‘known-good’
      disaster-recovery disks.

      If this isn’t a cause, perhaps you have something
      extra being added OUTSIDE what Boot Disk wizard is
      adding, or there are some little files on the ‘brand
      new formatted disks’ that aren’t being erased
      (strange if true!) as the wizard executes. Have you
      looked in the floppy directories to see if anything like
      this is true?

      Obvious Thing To Try: Format the floppies directly
      under NT, run verify on them (to ensure no bad-spot
      surprises!) and see if the resulting disks work right.

      Obvious Other Thing To Check: What’s changed on
      your system since the last set of disaster recovery
      disks was made?

      Of course, I’m not sure I’d be using the NT4 disaster-
      recovery utility as a mission-critical backup in the first
      place… but that’s just me ;-}.

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      Reply To: ArcServeIT v6.6x trouble

      by dlweaver ·

      In reply to ArcServeIT v6.6x trouble

      The boot Disk wizard is programmed to write to a floppy not a Zip disk so that’s not the problem. I’ve tried formatting the disk on the server that is creating the disk as well as formatting it on 2 other machines all with the same result. I’ve verified the floppies I’ve tried to use were empty and didn’t have any “bad” spots. I calculated the size of the directories/files that get copied to the floppy and it comes up as 1.41mb, which leaves just enough room on the floppy. (Or so you would think). I seem to remember Computer Associates putting out a “patch” for this problem a year or two ago but I’ll be damned if I can find it. Thanks for the ideas though.

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