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    Are an Associate’s in IT and a cert like A+ enough to get going?


    by kirito34 ·

    I start school next week. Going for my Associate’s in IT. I plan on going for at least one cert around graduation time as well. I’ve always been tech savvy and the family technology guy but I don’t have any IT experience on my resume. 25yo. I’ve also got a family to support so I can’t afford to look for an unpaid/low paying internship while I’m in school. Question is, will I have a good base to get my foot in the door and start a career in IT with an AS and a cert? Also, which cert would be the best to start with? I see a lot of talk about the A+ and the CCNA. Thoughts? Thanks

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      Re: Associate and cert’s

      by kees_b ·

      In reply to Are an Associate’s in IT and a cert like A+ enough to get going?

      The job oppportunities in your neighbourhood with an AS, that’s something to discuss with your shool’s study advisor.

      Only start thinking about certificates if you know what specialisation in the IT world you want to aspire. There are many, and a certification that doesn’t match the jobs you’re looking for is of very little use. Also, quite a lot of certifications require you have experience with work in the subject they teach.

      At the moment it’s important to finish your study. Ask the study advisor how many procent of students with your background finish succesfully. If that’s say 60%, try to belong to that 60% and not to the 40% that stop before they get the degree.

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