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Are Antivirus Software just a hoax??

By rvdalvi ·
MyDoom & Blaster Worms have changed the way how security is imposed on one's computer. most computers are "protected" by free antivirus softwares like Bullguard, a shareware which is found on most computers using p2p networking such as kazaa , and some many others that most people thinks is a great substitute for costly antivirus softwares.

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AVG is awesome

by Oz_Media In reply to Are Antivirus Software j ...

They offer both free and coomercial versions, I have had email from some pretty big company's using AVG's server edition, which is the same as the free version except with toll free tech support.

I have REMOVED Norton from more computers than I can even begin to count. It seems that it is more problematic than it's worth ($0). Norton uses resources and hangs on to them, thus tying up system processes and just generallly slowing down everything if not crashing applications.

AVG? Free, NEVER seen a crash, NEVER end up resolving issues related to AVG resource useage and it scans and tags all email and in out files. Great file scan from contaxt menu, updates etc.

If I had to make a choice, I would pay $99.00 before downloading Norton if it was free.

MacAffee, not quite as problemeatic but it still has a lot of cling-ons.

Bullguard, tried it on a few systems, okay but kinda buggy depending on the system.

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I don't trust Bullguard or Kazaa.

by johnj In reply to Are Antivirus Software j ...

For God's sakes don't use Kazaa. It adds spyware to your system. Bullguard I know nothing about. I think the Kazaa people put it in there to allay fears that your file sharing might infect your PC. I used to think P2P was cool, but I won't use it on a Windows box. I don't need yet another entry point for yet another virus.

BTW, I hope you're talking about your home PC, and not one at work.

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Kazaa flavours

by Oz_Media In reply to I don't trust Bullguard o ...

Yes I agree P2P with Kazaa, Fileshare, e-Donkey, Morpheus etc is a dodgy routine at best.

With regards to Kazaa.

Kazaa was purchased by Sharman networks sometime ago and this is when Kazaa started to come bundled with garbage that MUST be installed for Kazzaa to run. Kazaa is now a pay service in Canada anyway.

But if you ARE Canadian, P2P file sharing cannot be stopped under Canadian laws, yet, in which case you can Use KazaaLite.

Now there are TWO flavours of KazaaLite, one you can download as a paid monthly service and the other is just the old Kazaa that has had all the spyware hacked out of it.

If you USE Kazaa, Morpheus, e-Donkey or whatever, search for klite 2.4.3 and you will be able to find the old Kazaalite, this comes with useful tools (Kazupernodes for supernode retention, KNAT for IP emulation if behind firewall etc.) but nospyware (adaware AND spybot return nothning after install and connection).

NOTE: If you are in the USA, file sharing is illegal. Kazaalite is a HACKED KazaaLight and is not available online anymore. As for hacks and viruses, trojans etc. I have seen but one or two infected files in five years of P2P sharing (great way to release new tracks)but there is a lot of hacker paranoia, NEVER connect from a LAN or network.

Use an old standalone 486 or PII garbage bin for sharing tracks online.

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by rvdalvi In reply to Are Antivirus Software j ...

Kazaa is a great software in terms of downloading music, videos and pics, but, really more and more people are switching to Kazaa lite because it has less spywares and offers protection against this nasty little buggers, kazaa ( normal version ) does offers the same capabilities as lite but with its more faster downloading ability many people dont care about spywares because most people uses a pest patrol to monitor their spywares on their PC's

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