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Are Athlon MP chips the same as XP?

By trufflehunter ·
I keep coming across rumors that the Athlon MP chips are no different from their XP counterparts. Is this true? If so, can a pair of XP's be used in a dual chip mobo? If not, what is the functional difference?

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Are Athlon MP chips the same as XP?

by TheChas In reply to Are Athlon MP chips the s ...

I think this AMD page will clear things up for you.


Compare to this page:


On a basic level, the MP processors are the same as their XP counterparts.

The difference is the enhancements added to function in a multi-processor environment.
Without the MP enhancements, the 2 CPUs would crash the data buss the first time they have a simultaneous data access.

Further, the AMD-760 MP chip-set will not allow the use of 2 XP CPUs for a multi-CPU setup.

For more information, read the MP white-papers.

Keep in mind, that unless both the OS and applications running are designed for a multi-processor system, you will see NO performance improvement having 2 CPUs in your system.

Now, I could conceive of a MP CPU that does not meet performance specifications in a multi-processor system being re-marked as XP CPUs.


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