Are digital camera batteries from Hong Kong or China any good?

By bldsm ·
I read a while back not to buy digital camera memory cards from China as they were all copied. Last week I found a digital camera battery in a Hong Kong store on ebay for 1/5 of the price here so bought two. I know they are not genuine products but believe the stores here overcharge for the batteries. I got 2 batteries in the mail from Hong Kong 5 days later for 1/4 the price of 2 batteries bought here. One doesn't charge, one seems to work properly.

The supplier www.gadgetinfinity.com has sold 35000 items on ebay and has a near perfect record of satisfied customers.

What has been other people's experience as to whether digital camera bateries from China or Hong Kong are any good and worth buying?


PS. I realise this isn't directly computer related but as I use my camera as part of my work with my pc there is a link (no pun intended).

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As China isn't a Signatory to the International Patent

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Are digital camera batter ...

Acceptance from a strictly Legal Sense there is nothing wrong with buying Chinese Made products as they do not infringe International Patents. The makers of the Patented items are aware of this and quite often chose to still have their products produced in China because they get a better price for their construction and can still charge the higher Price for the finished product.

In the case of getting a Bad Battery this is possible anywhere but generally the supplier will replace the faulty unit Free of Charge and all you have to do is pay the freight to return the item. This generally involves driving down to the store where you bought it from and getting handed a replacement one. Sometimes it involves postage and this is where things can get messy as you can run up more in postage than the item is actually worth.

Just keep it in mind that China has a Massive Production Base and makes quite a lot of what is sold under different Brand Names all over the world and they are currently on a drive to increase this production capability and increase the amount of Hard Currency coming into the country. I'm sure that if you got in touch with the original supplier they would be willing to replace the faulty battery but it's likely to cost you more to return it and pay for the freight/postage back that the original cost of the item.


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